• Trevor Tate


    On New Year's Eve, Trevor Tate suffered a truamtic injury from setting off fireworks. The team at Swedish was able to save and reconstruct his hand.

  • Frances Mackey



    "I returned to work only 8 weeks after my stroke." Frances Mackey suffered a stroke in Spearfish, SD, a Swedish Medical Center telestroke site. Swedish stroke neurologists used telemedicine technology to evaluate her immediately. Frances was airlifted to Swedish Medical Center to receive a higher level of care.

  • Dennis Haynes



    When Dennis felt queasy and light-headed, his wife, Joyce, knew something was wrong. She called 9-1-1 and told to rush Dennis to the Swedish Southwest ER in Littleton. There, the expert emergency team determined Dennis was having a stroke.

  • Bill O'Gorman



    It's remarkable, really, that Bill O'Gorman can actually tell you how grateful he is to be alive. The stroke he survived last April was the most severe kind of ischemic stroke. But 24 hours after his stroke started, Bill had completely recovered. This is the story of how everything went perfectly for him.

  • Life with Atrial Fibrillation: One Patient's Story

    atrial fibrillation


    A Swedish Medical Center patient shares his story of overcoming heart problems.

  • Mandy Banks

    neuro , neurosciences , stroke , swedish


    Mandy Banks thanks the expert stroke team at Swedish Medical Center who saved her life.

  • Jennifer Keep

    high-risk , nicu , ob , obgyn , smc


    Jennifer Keep never expected that a routine visit to the doctor would entirely change the next six weeks of her life. J

  • Ashlie Gates

    "I am a family care nurse at Swedish Medical Center. Recently, I got to experience the other end of this nurse/ patient relationship. Nine months ago, I gave birth to my first child at Swedish Medical Center. "

  • Joint Surgery Rehab

    June Cvelbar longed to pull up the bed covers and go back to sleep. It was fewer than 24 hours since her doctor had tied the last stitch after replacing her knee, and nurses were ushering her out of bed, chattering something about "boot camp."

  • Lee Brooke

    After a grizzly attack in the remote Wyoming backcountry, Lee Brooke was airlifted to receive care from Swedish Medical Center, one of the few Level 1 trauma centers in the region.

  • Douglas Foe

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    Douglas Foe’s deadly pancreatic cancer – that he’d managed to survive for more than six years – returned for a second time recently, spreading to his adrenal gland. But the positive Foe – whom his wife calls "highly abnormal" – thanks his upbeat attitude for licking cancer again. Well, that, and progressing technology.

  • Stephanie Madsen

    cancer , gyn-onc , swedish


    When she was twenty-five years old, Littleton Colorado's Stephanie Madsen thought she had her entire future planned out. Newly married, she wanted to move to a new city, buy a new house and start a family with her husband Matt. Life seemed to be perfect for Stephanie until one day her list of dreams quickly turned into a battle plan to fight cancer. "It was so tough, I felt like we had lost our freedom to plan our lives," says Stephanie.

  • Sharon Baltzell

    cancer , lung , swedish


    Sharon Baltzell will tell you that she's alive today for two reasons: 1) She quit smoking 10 years ago, and 2) She heeded a public-service announcement from HealthONE's Swedish Medical Center to have a low-cost lung scan. The Nebraska resident even dragged her husband along because of a short history of cigar smoking.

  • Martin Smith

    ortho , smc , swedish , trauma


    In August 2012, Martin was on his way home from work in Colorado Springs. This was a commute he often traveled on his motorcycle. "There was a lot of construction that day," said Martin. "I wasn’t aware that the road was down to one lane and as I braked, I slid downhill, swerved and hit the car in front of me." Martin severely broke his left leg in multiple places.

  • Marc Defur

    Marc was starting to experience severe ankle arthritis, a condition seen with age or prior trauma such as an ankle fracture or sprain. His arthritis was so severe, there was hardly any cartilage left in his ankle. "I was in extreme pain and my entire quality of life went down," he explains.